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You Dont Have To Workout To Have A Low Body Fat

This was about that shitty infographic I responded to. So let me make myself clearer.

1) Sigh don’t take it so fucking literal. What most people mean when they talk about looking toned is moving their muscles from being untrained to trained. We all HAVE muscle, but an untrained muscle is soft and often has some fat in it. What I mean by saying the girl looked like she was toned without being ripped, is that I’m saying she’s got a fair amount of lean muscle mass without having an extremely low body fat percentage. What the millions of women on tumblr mean when they say they want to look toned is that they want their body to appear to have muscle, but not be so big that they look masculine. So while the word “toned” doesn’t mean anything in body building, there’s actually a more slang term to describe something that can be defined in real body building terms.

2) Duh, there are many people who just have a low body fat percentage. Most of them are young as hell. The older you get the harder it is to maintain a lower body fat percentage.

There is NO WAY IN HELL that the man in that picture just has a natural body shape that way or he has a naturally low body fat percentage. Also when I said that man has YEARS of working towards his physique to get a low body fat percentage I’m talking about a grown man in his late 20’s to early 30s who has a body fat percentage of 3-4% verses the average man in that age range that has body fat percentages between 18 and 23%.

Further more you DO have to work out to have a HIGH muscle mass with LOW body fat like the oiled up body builder in the photo that was posted.