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Hair Icon in the Office: You Are the Shining Star

Grooming a good hair style becomes necessary; especially when you have meduum hair. You get a thorough start as a hair icon if you happen to have volume. Cutting it asymmetrically will not only enrich the volume quotient, but also give you definitive ideas. You may also remember to add texture through paste and streaks.

This pixie and simple bob of Eva Longoria can definitely make you the shining star in your office, why? The nifty waves at the ends of her hair show her intellectuality and female beauty. And the sleek medium hair demonstrate her neat and elegant immediately. Isn’t it what you really want? Then how?

Separate the two parts; one that will frame your cheeks and one that sits behind. The former has to be left larger and inordinately nourished with gels and mousse. Retain the original color and let the effective simplicity shine through. This style is extremely convenient through fall; and helps to make you a hair icon.