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Alright, I’ve Had It Fitspo Ladies!

I know you’re just trying to inspire yourselves but STOP comparing the bodies of people you don’t know to the bodies of OTHER people you don’t know. For 1 it’s rude and 2 simply thinking about it for 1 second shows how off this is.

I saw a photo today that’d been reblogged thousands of times of one girl with a perfect firm cylindrical booty and another with a saggy bum. Under the perfect rear end it said SQUATS and under the saggy butt it said NO SQUATS.

1) That saggy booty may have been photoshopped and since no one knows where the photo originated, we’ll never know.
2) There’s more than 1 exercise to train your hamstrings and glutes, so not doing squats isn’t the reason that a person has a saggy booty.
3) The girl with the great rear end? She might do squats, she also might have the genes that aid in her keeping that really awesome booty.

For some of the women in the world no matter HOW many squats you do, you won’t get the ass of J.Lo no matter how you try, so it’s scientifically off

Also here we are again… as women, abusing and using other womens bodies for our own amusement and self interest. I can understand if a girl self posted a picture or is a model, but some of the photos I see look like beach shots taken from behind. If you can’t prove where a photo was taken or who owns the credits for the image please think twice about reblogging an unsavory photo of a fellow female. How would you feel if someone posted a picture of you and your trouble area as “What not to do if you want to be fit”.

We all have flaws and we all have things that make us feel sensitive and ashamed. (Even if its only on bad days where we feel bloated.)