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About Me

My name is Dorotty Kurniatun, most people simply call me Dor. My interest are varied beyond belief. I’ve been a gamer since I was a little girl in the days of Mario and I’ve grown into a FPS diva with a love for quirky puzzlers games like Portal and Portal 2 and any and ALL horror games (with actual exposition in them). I’m a Valve Fangirl and my favorite series of games is Left4Dead and the Portal Franchise. However I still have major love for RPGS which really brought me into gaming (Much love for FF7).

I love all new and inspiring music. I am a classically trained mezzo soprano. As far as music goes I was a trained singer for 10 years and I gave up my desires to be famous because 1) I thought I was too fat to be taken seriously and 2) family pressured me to do something more sensible with my life. Thanks to a friend of mine having the courage to show me his music and offer to help me record my own, I’m back in it. Vocalizing daily again. Writing my own songs again and really thinking about giving this a shot once I slim down.

On par with my love of games, I’m in college for Video game design and I build my own websites for people as a side job while I’m in school.

I used to model once upon a time too, but once you gain a certain amount of weight you’re deemed “BBW” and no longer a plus sized model. I was finding that I was starting to get emails saying “Hey want to be in our porn?” instead of “hey want to walk in our Plus sized runway show” so I stopped doing it. (I might be an open person, but never THAT open). I think I’d like to get back into the business because I loved it and it was fun but I’ll wait until I can be a toned size 10\12 before really trying again.

I am losing weight for: roller-coasters and stilettos. Mini-skirts and cheap airplane tickets. Health insurance and better job opportunities. A future where I wont be confined to a wheel chair or stuck in my bed for years. This weight loss is for me to be in my peak physical condition by age 25 and living my life the way I ALWAYS wanted to.